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CNC machining is program-controlled at our company. The machining process is based on "Computerized Numerical Control", a computer-supported, fully automated machine control system. The CNC milling process is handled by a microcomputer integrated in the control section.

We produce with 13 CNC automatic lathes, 8 CNC machining centers (3 to 11-axis) and various CNC-controlled measuring devices. In addition, we have a wide range of complementary machines and automatic machines.

If you would like to receive our complete machine park list with all parameters of the equipment and further details about our production equipment as an overview, please contact us here.

Whether you are developing prototypes, producing mass-produced parts or machining complex components, our CNC milling machines are designed to meet your needs. Learn more about the individual machines and their capabilities in our comprehensive machinery overview.

If you would like to gain a deeper insight into our production facility, you can visit our company presentation on Youtube.


The core of our production is our production line: "HELGA, OTTO, BEATE, RUDI and ROBI" + magazine (5 units with 255 workpiece places), washing station + measuring station: of the manufacturers (Erowa, Zeiss, DMG Mori and Certa Systems)


System technology: Erowa (ERD 150L on EROWA RoboSPA), metrology: Zeiss (Zeiss Center Max, milling technology: DMG Mori (% double racks and a 255-place IST 148 loading station), process control: Certa Systems (JMS 4.0 MoldLine)


CNC milling with the highest precision is program-controlled at our company. The milling process is automated to the greatest possible extent. The production of complex components and complete assemblies can be carried out economically and in consistently high quality just-in-time with the available technology and the highest level of automation. From prototype to series production in different materials.

Automated production line

... consisting of EROWA Robot Dynamic 150 Linear pallet changing system for linking the following machines:

  • 4x CNC machining center make DMG DMU 60 Evolution Linear (with tool change extension) (X 600 Y 500 Z 500)
  • 1x EROWA RoboSPA parts cleaning system
  • 1x Zeiss CENTER MAX coordinate measuring machine
  • 5x double rack magazine for EROWA ITS 148 pallet system
  • 1x Rack magazine with integrated loading station
CNC Machining Center DMC 650 V
  • 1 x make cover Maho with tool change extension (X 650 Y 520 Z 475)
CNC machining center with EROWA Multirobot pallet changing system
  • 1 x make Hermle C 20 with tool change extension (X 600 Y 450 Z 450)
    1 x make Hermle C 30 with tool change extension (X 650 Y 600 Z 500)
CNC machining center with tool changer
  • 5 axes:
    • 2 x Brand Hermle C 600 U (X 600; Y 450; Z 450)
  • 3 axes:
    • 1 x Brand Hermle U 630 T (X 630; Y 500; Z 550)
    • 1 x Brand Hermle U 1000 T (X 1000; Y 630; Z 550)
CNC milling machine
  • 3 axes:
    • 1 x make cover FP4 (X 400; Y 400; Z 400)


With our innovative CNC lathes we have a wide manufacturing potential and can produce components in dimensions from Ø3 mm to Ø400 mm. CNC sliding headstock lathes equipped with a loading magazine enable the production of different batch sizes with great cost efficiency.

The optimal automatic lathes are used individually for the suitable product.
Automatically loaded, we can produce 24/7.

CNC sliding headstock automatic lathes with loading magazine
  • 1 x Model Star SW20 (bar passage max. 20mm)
  • 1 x Model Star SV32 (bar passage max. 32mm)
CNC machining center with loading magazine
  • 2 x Model Index C 100 (bar capacity max. 42mm)
CNC automatic lathes with loading magazine
  • 2 x Model SVM Angelini Snupy (bar capacity max. 42mm; chuck parts up to Ø200mm at max. 300mm tip length)
CNC automatic lathes
  • 2 x Brand SVM Angelini Snupy (chuck parts up to Ø200mm with max. 300mm tip length)
  • 3 x Brand EMCO Maxxturn 25 (bar capacity max. 25mm)
  • 1 x Brand EMCO Maxxturn 65 (bar capacity max. 65mm)
  • 1 x Brand EMCO Maxxturn 45 (bar capacity max. 45mm)

Assembly of components

We combine and assemble precision parts produced in-house, as well as standard parts partly produced externally. The completely assembled subassemblies are measured and labeled according to the customer's specifications so that the components can be precisely integrated into the customer's devices and machines. Optionally, the customer receives an individual measurement or test report with each component.

Jig and fixture construction

In addition to individual assemblies and components, we process and assemble the workpieces milled and turned in CNC precision machining, as well as some externally produced standard parts, into complete fixtures. These fixtures are used in various industries. Together with Wolkenstein Engineering GmbH we manufacture soldering, clamping, milling or measuring fixtures completely from design to production, quality control and measurement in one hand.


The automated execution of measuring and inspection processes directly at the machine tool shortens throughput times and guarantees component quality. In parallel, the tools are also automatically checked and measured. In this way, downtimes of the plant can be avoided preventively. With the CNC-controlled measuring machines, we can also create initial sample test reports, test certificates according to your individual specifications and customer-specific measurement reports. The coordinate measuring system has a CNC-controlled positioning system or a hand-guided traversing system with which the measuring head system (sensor) and the measured object are moved relative to each other in their spatial position in order to record the respective measuring point.

Tactile coordinate measuring machine (CNC controlled measuring machine)
  • 1 x Model Zeiss ECLIPSE
  • 1 x Model Zeiss CENTER MAX
Optical contour measuring device (CNC controlled measuring machine)
  • 2 x Model TESA SCAN 50 Plus
Roughness tester
  • 3 x Model Mitutoyo Surf- Test
Profile Projector
  • 1 x Model Mitutoyo PV-5000
CNC machining center with loading magazine
  • 2 x Model Index C 100 (Bar passage max. 42mm)


Together with Wolkenstein Engineering GmbH we offer you competent consulting and support from prototype development to series production. Many years of experience in design, FEM analysis, kinematics, development-accompanying FMEA and preparation of CE approvals strengthen our competence in joint action. Use our CNC-controlled precision technology for your competitive advantage.

Wolkenstein Engineering GmbH

Your tasks and problems are our challenges – from the idea to series production.

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Further machines

Our machinery:

  • 2x programming workstation Mastercam CAD-CAM (with 5-axis simultaneous programming and virtual machine)
  • 2x programming system INDEX Virtual Line (with virtual machine)
  • 3x laser marking system type Acsys (with controlled part apparatus for all-round marking)
  • 2x tool measuring and shrinking machine ZOLLER REDOMATIC
  • High-performance Buffalo 140 injector blast cabinet with pocket filter extraction system
  • Ultrasonic washing stations for parts cleaning
  • 2x Superfinishmachine NAGEL SCE/L 30
  • Automatic band saw HBA 250S-CNC Daiß & Partner
  • Automatic band saw Kläger HBA 265 G
  • Smooth rolling machine (roller burnishing machine) FAD
  • furthermore manual turning- and milling-machines; drilling machines, circular saw, endoscopes and various other measuring and testing devices.