Automation as a competitive advantage

For more than 35 years CNC-Fertigungstechnik e.K. exist. For more than 20 years the company has been producing in Neuhaus am Rennweg, on the heights of the Thuringian Forest. We manufacture for you with innovative CNC-controlled milling and turning technology according to drawing, from individual components to complex assemblies, to complete devices. From prototypes to medium batch sizes, we produce components from plastic, titanium, stainless steel, tool steel and aluminum.

Perfection and quality in every step, as well as just-in-time production in the sense of the customer are important basic conditions for a successful cooperation.

With the core of our production, the Industry 4.0 line automation, we can react to customer-specific requirements as quickly as possible. All work processes can be automated 24/7 in a network or triggered manually individually. The integrated measuring unit precisely monitors production and also all tools used. This prevents downtime and downtimes. In addition, we use the measuring unit to create measurement reports, initial sample test reports, and test certificates according to individual customer specifications.

We guarantee our customers the highest precision and a production form that works to the point. Prototypes or zero series, product batches according to your ideas, or entire assemblies - through just-in-time production, we also contribute to a significant reduction in your storage capacity.  

About the person: Roland Müller
– Founder of CNC Fertigungstechnik e.K.

  • Swabian origin: 1954 Roland Müller was born in Baden-Württemberg (unmistakable)
  • His vision: to build an innovative and sustainably successful mechanical engineering company
  • His credo: to always be one step ahead of the competition by using the most innovative technology:
    Creating competitive advantage through automation with Industry 4.0
  • His goal: to do everything possible to prepare the company for a successful handover of operations in the coming years
  • His principle: cards on the table and clear announcements, constructive, open and results-oriented action

His vita

1977 - Apprenticeship and master school

As a young enthusiast, Roland Müller trained as a master mechanic, earning the title of youngest in his class. This early educational phase laid the foundation for his later entrepreneurial journey.

1986 - First step: Start-up in the garage

In 1986, Roland Müller took the first significant step and founded a start-up that began in his own garage. Here he dedicated himself to contract manufacturing and laid the foundation for what was to come.

1988 - Birth of the company Roland Müller Fertigungstechnik e.K.

With a clear focus on quality manufacturing using CNC and conventional manufacturing equipment, Roland Müller founded Roland Müller Fertigungstechnik e.K. in 1988. The company was characterized by a highly qualified workforce of about 25 employees.

2000 - Growth and move to Thuringia

In 2000, an important milestone was reached: the relocation and relocation of the company's headquarters to Thuringia, more precisely to the up-and-coming region of Neuhaus am Rennweg. This step was accompanied by a targeted focus on precision, milled and turned parts as well as on special machine construction and prototyping.

By 2016 - expansion of CNC production technology

From 2000 to 2016, Roland Müller focused on a continuous development of CNC manufacturing technology. The focus was on the production of high-precision milled and turned parts as well as special machine and prototype construction. This period was characterized by constant innovation and progress.

2016 - New horizons: Construction of factory building 1

In 2016, the company realized the construction of a new factory building called "Werkhalle 1" at Bornhügel in Neuhaus am Rennweg. This project served as a foundation to prepare the company for the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.

2018 - Leap into the future: Innovative production line

The year 2018 marked a turning point with the introduction of a state-of-the-art production line. This included impressive elements such as 4 milling machines from DMG Mori - affectionately christened "HELGA, OTTO, BEATE, RUDI and ROBI" - as well as a comprehensive magazine, a washing station and a measuring station from ZEISS. Process control was under the direction of Certa Systems, coordinated by EROWA.

Since 2018 - Focus on precision and versatility

Since 2018, CNC-Fertigungstechnik Roland Müller e.K. has been impressing with its ability to produce a wide range of workpieces, components and complete fixtures for diverse industries with maximum flexibility and precision. This period is marked by continued innovation and expertise.

Our con­tri­bution to cli­mate pro­tec­tion

As a com­pany, we are al­ways ready to make an ef­fec­tive con­tri­bution to cli­mate pro­tec­tion. At our lo­ca­tion on the south­ern Renn­steig, we see every day how our fo­rests and moun­tain mea­dows are chan­ging due to drought and the ac­com­pany­ing bark beetle plague. We want to con­tri­bute to main­tain­ing the eco­lo­gi­cal ba­lance with a va­ri­ety of mea­sures. This en­ables us to re­duce energy con­sum­ption and con­serve en­viron­men­tal re­sour­ces in the long term by using them ef­fec­tive­ly. We would like to pre­sent some of these mea­sures to you.

Photo­vol­taic sys­tem for ge­ne­ra­ting our own elec­tri­city

We have been ge­ne­ra­ting our own elec­tri­city on the roof of our hall using pho­to­vol­taics for seve­ral years now.

Use of ser­vice water in the toi­let fa­ci­li­ties

In our fac­to­ry, we use the water seve­ral times, for ex­am­ple as pro­cess water in the toi­lets.

Waste heat re­co­very from com­pres­sor waste heat

The waste heat from our pro­duction fa­cili­ties, especi­al­ly the com­pres­sors, is used to heat our pro­duction hall.

Pro­duc­tion in Germany

We pro­duce here at the Neu­haus am Renn­weg site. We also focus on short dis­tan­ces and ratio­nal use of re­sour­ces when or­der­ing ma­teri­als and other im­por­tant com­po­nents for pro­duct re­ali­zation.

We are part of the eco­logi­cal sys­tem

Acting pro­ac­tive­ly in an eco­logi­cal sen­se is our con­tri­bu­tion to pre­ser­ving the beauty of our home­land – the Thu­rin­gian Forest.

Current information about CNC Fertigungstechnik e.K.

Every day brings new challenges for our team. But we will not manage to tell you about the challenges and news on a daily basis. Nevertheless, we would like to regularly share new information about the development of our company with you in this section.

So feel free to check back from time to time. We appreciate your interest.

We work sustainably!

Sustain­abili­ty is im­por­tant to us. For this rea­son, we are par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the net­work for sus­tain­able busi­ness for the third time. The Thu­ringia Sus­tain­abili­ty Agree­ment brings to­get­her Thu­ringian busi­ness and Thu­ringian po­li­tics to con­ser­ve re­sour­ces and pro­tect the en­viron­ment and cli­mate.

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A better insight into our portfolio

To give you an even better in­sight into our pro­duction results, we will be pre­sen­ting special pro­duct exam­ples as 3D-ren­derings, so you can see them in a 360° view.

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A new star in our lineup

A few weeks ago, we added a prominent member to our machine park: The DMC 650 V from DMG Mori once again significantly expands our performance spectrum.


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